This doofus doesn’t seem to have any trouble…

Maybe it’s the current state of affairs, or maybe it’s that I’ve never been a great sleeper…or maybe I was before I had kids (hormonal disruption of a high order leading to hyper-vigilence) or menopause (hormonal disruption of the HIGHEST order which basically has meant I stir at the slightest movement or noise), which has led me to a number of tactics ranging from going to bed earlier than anyone (hard to do with teens), going to bed later than anyone (hard to do with teens), banning all the animals to the back room (they have become resentful and moody), not drinking, drinking, sleep aids ranging from mild to wild, hot baths, cold showers, lavender spray, sleeping alone, sleeping in the cold, sleeping with socks.

I saw this TikTok the other day, and it was basically, if you are over 40…sleep is painful and that will last until you die. Yep.

If any of you over 40 folks (or let’s be honest I am over 50) have sleeping-less-painfully-tips, let me know in the comments?