Essay Camp

Morning Meeting
3 min readMay 19, 2022
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I’m in Essay Camp!

Summer Brennan, a fantastic writer for anyone who has not made the acquaintance, runs an essay camp every so often and I decided to avail myself of the process, because I find myself writing in my mind, but then I let life get in they way. If you are curious, the link below will shine a little light on exactly what Essay Camp is, why one might do it, and how it can support and improve your writing.

Indeed, one of the first reasons Summer gives to participate is my main reason for joining. Summer writes, “It can be hard to drown out the noise of daily life and commit to a writing practice. We may want to write every morning at 5am, or every evening after dinner, but too often the reality of our lives intervenes. We oversleep. We work late. We are tired, or discouraged, or uninspired. We doubt ourselves or our ideas, and before we know it, months have passed with our manuscripts or our notebooks untouched. Our writing has fallen by the wayside.”

I also find that the din of the internet is just utterly distracting. Mostly, because I write on my computer which is connected to the internet and then my message icon dings and I check my email and that reminds me of this thing I was going to look up, and of course then that points me in the direction of socials because I was going to post about…what was I going to do? Now, I know that I could write freehand, and I also know I could use Word instead of Google Docs, and I also also know that I could turn off notifications and the WiFi and everything. But I’m programmed and have what is likely a mild and undiagnosed attention issue, or maybe it’s middle age, or maybe I’ve just had my focus mangled by my online usage.

No matter. Summer’s prompts and the commitment to the work have really helped. I have chosen to write when I wake up in the morning because I’m far less likely to allow distraction and work to get in the way of the writing.

What am I writing in these essays? Nothing publishable! Summer offers what she calls the Five Things Essay.